Saturday, April 12, 2008

Prayer Requests for the Month April

1. CCEA:
Next preparatory meeting with church leaders of the expat church committee branch for the Franklin Graham Festival is at April 8th. The course „Life with Jesus“ and „Operation Andrews“ are going to be printed in several languages, as well as introduced into the respective churches.- The result should be to have enough coworkers ready to do the follow up and preparation fort he four days from October 30th-Nov. 2nd.

2. TECC:
2.1 Currently praying to share the bilingual gospel of Mark well and that we can soon begin with the next project(depends on a donation of 21,000 NT$ ) to have 10,000 bilingual Gospel of Mark for the Indonesians as well.
2.2 May the new material in Cambodean help the 3000 Cambodean expat to find Christ.

3. SEND TW Taiwan Sending Council:
3.1 For good preparation of the team willing to go to the Batandao/Philippines (about 30 people). We still pray for applicants for Japan, Spain, Ukraine and Siberia (the later with Martin Hartley) and two career missionary applicants.
3.2 Please also pray for two more council members and wisdom to assist the locals in developing this council.

4. Mission Teaching/mission courses
4.1 The preparation of the students at CPES for a 21 hours bloc course about cross-cultural mission at Danshuei, as a service from the missiondepartment of CCEA (June 3-6).
4.2 Two other courses are being prepared for printing at the Taosheng Theological Seminary. Before teaching in fall will begin again, most of this printing preparatory /correcting/checking work should be over.