Friday, March 28, 2008

Alain & Rita Haudesnchild's March 08 Prayer Requests

+ April 03th: Alain will be speaking about SEND's vision and options during the 20 minutes chapel time at the China Evangelical Seminary, Taipei. From for high interest in the long- and short term term options with SEND and that the LORD may call at least one unit to "catch fire" and as a result apply to SEND! We also need a short term team for Spain and three more people for the Philippines this summer.
+ April 10: First the first bigger preparatory meeting of the expat churches leaders with Jim Andrews in Taipei, to discuss way of mobilizing co-worker men-power, churches and seekers to participate at the Franklin Graham nationwide evangelistic "Festival" (Oct.30- 2. November 08).
+ For the newly started (weekly) Hakka outreach ministry with the SPFC in Ta-wu (between Sanyih and Miaoli) at the local school among 7-9 graders with serious personal problems. - We work with the local Grassroot Mission missionary Pastor Hsieh, who pastors the only and still very tiny church in town.
+ There is an interest to begin with a "Friendship Group For Vietnamese". We nee more key people in order to begin such a group and support of several churches, who could give us room for free to use (for a Christian Vietnamese library and coworker training)
+ Beside a 1/2 singing performance either a 1/2 hour choir directing or 1/2 piano recital are part of the exam. - As it seems now directing a choir would be the better option Pray for a choir whom Rita can prepare and direct for her exam next year. Preparation for this must beginn pretty soon.

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