Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HISTORY OF CHRISTIAN LITURGY - from a Taiwan Perspective

   Content: (ed. , arr. by Alain R. Haudenschild, M.A., M.Div)              HOME

What is your first reaction when you read "liturgy"? - If you connect it with a sacred time, with prayer, with learning from God and bringing him the "sacrifice of praise and glory" you are right. - But there is more to learn about it. - "Liturgy"describes simply the way we arrange sacred times and worship and to live our lives according to the LORD's call. (Rom. 12:1-2).  

This makes the study of the History of Liturgy an exciting study how to transfer Gods revelation into the life of people, cultures and nations.  

This publication also contains elements of a Taiwan developed Reformed / Protestant liturgy and therefore occasionally contains some Chinese characters. 

One LORD and One Church- One revelation praised in several liturgies!  This reflects  the LORD's wisdom and creativity to bless the nations richly!

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