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PERSONNEL NEEDS SUMMARYApril 29, 2011 (Is the sending of Missionaries to Taiwan justified?)

Taiwan is an area with more than 23  Mio people and plenty of needs and uncounted way of possibilities to learn about God. - Therefore SEND Taiwan needs many different people, families, single people, short-term and long term committed supporters and maybe you are one of them. 

Church planter/Equipper/Community outreach specialist 8 units
Church planter/Evangelism trainer                                                               2 unit
One- or two-year short term TESOL teacher/outreach team worker 2 units
One- or two-year short term TESOL student outreach specialist 2 units
Theological Educator/Leadership Development Specialist (Chinese) 2 units
Overseas Contract Workers evangelists/networkers:
Thai-speaking 2 units
Indonesian-speaking 1 unit
Vietnamese-speaking 2 units
International School MK educators (K-12)/church planting assistant 2 units Counselor 1 unit


Need six units for new church planting among working class communities

General job description: To proclaim Christ in the local dialect, among unreached pockets of the population; to work with both expatriate and national coworkers to establish a new Hakka or Taiwanese church as part of a team ministry.

Qualities needed: Servant heart; demonstrated gifts and skills in evangelism and/or discipleship of new working class believers; ability to work well with or under national leadership; perseverance to endure in a long haul ministry; ability to take initiative; background in social work and specialized skills in music, children’s or youth ministry methods, English teaching, mime, and other creative team outreach methods are particular assets. High linguistic aptitude. (Exceptions to this language requirement may be granted on a case by case basis.)

Pre-field ministry preparation: for men, it is recommended that they be ordained by     their local/home church. 

On-field training: About two years of full-time language study, followed by about two years of part-time language study and part-time supervised ministry internship; continuing skill development through semi-annual Church Planters Equipping Workshops, and occasional Asia Regional Equipping Seminars.

Need one unit (requirements similar to above) to specialize in evangelism training.                


Need two units for formal institutional, and/or informal theological training of national church leadership in partner training institutions.

General job description: To develop curriculum and teach at the Bible college level in subject areas assigned, and to develop leadership abilities of students through practical community outreach and church establishment among the working class population of Taiwan partnering with teams assigned to the Area vision.

Qualities needed: Doctorate or advanced degree in theology, missiology,  counseling, or biblical studies; Mandarin Chinese language proficiency commensurate to the teaching task; demonstrated skills in leadership development; ability to practically demonstrate and lead church planting/establishing work with students; flexibility to work under national leadership. Superior Mandarin fluency needed.  For men, it is recommended that they be ordained by their local/home church.

On-field training: Mandarin language study as may be needed.  Teachers with non-Chinese background will have an internship period for bonding with the national leadership and understanding the cultural and spiritual climate.


Need two Thai-speaking units, two Vietnamese-speaking units, and one Indonesian-speaking unit to assist local Chinese churches in direct evangelistic outreach to and discipleship of overseas contract workers and/or Asian brides, and in developing local fellowships of OCWs in concert with Chinese churches mobilized to share this vision.

Qualities needed: Thai, Vietnamese, or Indonesian language proficiency; demonstrated skills in personal evangelism and individual and small group discipleship; ability to take initiative; appropriate networking skills; flexibility to work with and/or under national leadership.  Counseling and language teaching gifts are helpful for working with mixed marriages.  For men with pastoral gifts, it is recommended they be ordained by their local/home church.

On-field training: Mandarin language study as needed; orientation to Taiwan OCW ministries and leadership.


Need two units for one or two year periods

General job description: To assist in establishing a new church through church-based English class instruction, friendship evangelism and extracurricular outreach activities.  Normally, English teaching would not exceed four to eight hours per week.

Qualities needed: Servant heart; friendly, outgoing disposition; flexibility; previous teaching experience is helpful.

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