Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Because of an Indonesian - the whole family received Christ

There is an amazing story to praise the LORD, which almost accidentally happened in our neighborhood and is linked with the TECC ministry support among Indonesians in Taipei. 
         Since October a church in Beitou has opened its doors for bi-weekly Indonesian meetings on a Sunday afternoon. I regularly go there, bring Indonesian material, pray and sing with them and take the chance to learn some Indonesian. Ira, one of the four pretty regular attending old people nurses from Indonesia, last week experienced  how her 91 years old Agung passed away. Before he did something happened that gave the whole sad moment a complete different direction: 
Suddenly both Agung and Ira saw a tall grown man at the bedsite, clothed in a white-shining outfit. Pastor Huang who himself was there told me at that moment Agung said to his Indonesian caretaker: "I see a part of heaven open right now. It is beautiful, I can not describe it. But if you change your faith we will meet there again." Soon afterwards he passed away. Ira really liked him but also understood, this was real, no matter how her background this was what she wanted. From our times she knew a bit about Jesus. At the spot she wanted become a Christian. When I saw her last Sunday she already had prayed publicaly to the living God for the sad family. I was told through her testimony she had convinced the rest of the still unbelieving family about the need to really turn to the living God and accept Jesus. She was too shy to tell me, but I just heard it from a TECC (Taiwan Expatriate Caring Committe)  brother who was attending the funeral. -
Ira was too sad to be so happy about this. She had lost the base of her staying in Taiwan. But the LORD within hours provided her with a new caring work in Taoyuan, also to an elderly man. Guess what, he is a Christian too! - A befriended pastor from TECC will take care of her until she is settled there. The LORD loves the small the neglected people and uses them to build HIS glory and HIS church. 

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