Tuesday, December 10, 2013


 (in part edited by Cary Perdue)

"The savage hugs his god of stone and fears descent of night;
The city dweller cringes alone amid the garnish of light;
Lord Jesus Christ, arouse Thy church to see their mute distress!
Lord Jesus Christ, equip Thy church with love and tenderness."
--from "Macedonia" by Anne Ortlund who went to heaven in November

     The Christmas season affords special opportunities to reach out and to communicate the Good News of the Gospel.  The Taiwan personnel sense this and so they ask us, "To  pray that they might be able to tell the Christmas story to many more people" and they ask us, "To pray that we [the pastors, Christian workers, and missionaries] will be transformed by the Christmas story and that Christ will preach through us as we tell the story."

Among the Unreached: Serving in the Miaoli Indonesian Church
Here are some of these outreaches.

  • Dec. 10-Beitou Covenant Church - Chinese teaching Ministry among Muslim background Indonesians (a SEND sponsored TECC initiated ministry)
  • Dec.16-17 Days of three big evangelistic events at the Shepai Hsinyo Church, North Taipei 
  • Dec. 17-Good Neighbor Church will have a morning outreach to San He elementary students.
  • Dec. 17-Good Neighbor Church will have an outreach in the evening to teachers and administrators of San He Elementary School.
  • Dec. 20-Living Water Baptist Church will host a party for students at Tian Wei Middle School.
  • Dec. 21-Tanzi Church will host a coffee outreach and then on Sunday, the 22nd, continue an outreach through a Christmas service.
  • Dec. 22-Good Neighbor Church, a growing church plant, will have a special Christmas service.

SEND Taiwan Team with the China Lutheran Seminary Faculty members
at Naomi|s Commissioning Service Dec.8th
Here are some praises.

  •      Camp Leung is being commissioned on, Dec. 8, in Xinchu, NW Taiwan, to join the SEND Taiwan field as their next missionary. Pray for the LORDs leading in the details of her assignment!
  •      Jou and Tammy Chen from New Jersey will be in Taiwan from Dec. 9-31 seeking God's will for future ministry in Taiwan.
  • These are two great reasons to praise  and incentives to pray even more fervently for the Lord Who is greatly concerned about the harvest to send out many [yes, many, many] more workers.
  • The LORD established a small praying team to send out more workers from Taiwan. On November 26th Liao Chia-hei was send out for 809th month short term ministry to East Asia

Needs to pray for:

  • Two more families and one single missionary to strengthen the teamwork in Chiayi and the Hakka ministry. 
  • The LORD's call to three local prepared and mature Christians for mission service with SEND overseas until the end of 2014. 

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