Sunday, February 11, 2007

Thanks for joining us in Prayer for:
Thanks: We have had a good and much rewarding time of evangelism over Christmas. - Many new contacts and much fun with the kids. - Also at the German Christmas celebration Gods Spirit was present and quite a few new faces. Someone found the church through Alains posts on internet and told us how he was longing to attend this worship. What a testimony of Gods leading! - We stay in touch with him since then.
Tabea Koebele, our shorttermer frrom Germany, has joined us and is adjusting in her new environment. Pray for her 6 months time, her ministry among German kids and at our Chinese Church in shilin, Taipei, where she plans to go to Chinese schools and share her testimony, but also attend the young adult meeting at Saturday night. -
Thanks for Gods help while writing the numerous tests at the Sacred Music College (Rita), Except in one case she seems to have passed, however the final word will come after Chinese New Year. We know in one case she has to write a test again, because her teacher believes she can write a better score than she actually did. - Many of the singing times around Christmas left a deep impression on peoples heart about the love of God. Pray that this seed of faith bears eternal fruit.
The time of Chinese New Year festivities. For the many church members who will see their non-Christian family-members. May God bless their testimony of love.
For the teaching time at Taosheng Theological Seminary. May God bless these 11 students and give them diligence
For us as family: May God grant stamina and faithful walking in his promises.
In March 21 we will be founding the South Taiwan Mission council for the churches in the south of the island.

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