Monday, November 27, 2006

Jesus says: Ask the LORD of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field" (Matt. 9:38)

Prayer BLOG Haudenschild November 06

+ The Thai ministry in Chiayi celebrates 10 years of successful reaching out among Thai workers in South Central Taiwan. Pastor Ai serves in Tainan, Lotung and Kaoshiung in Thai Bible-Studies, but also weekly helds Thai gospel radio programs at the Chiayi Chrisitan Hospital and takes care of workers in the Chiayi area as well, where he built the first Thai church in Taiwan.
+Praise with us the LORD for the first time two Taiwanese felt the LORD wants her to support TECC with donations!
+Prasie with us the LORD for moving people to order evangelistic material for expatriate every week.
+Alone since the 3. TECC Conference at the ende of October the radius of reaching Vietnamese has increase to to more than 2500 people! One caretaking in south Taiwan which ordered 20 Vietnamese bibles currently takes care of 2000 Vietnamese woman.

Intercession is appreciated for:
+We pray for a speaker and are inquring for a place in Hsinchu for next years TECC conference already.
+We need a flexible Vietnamese pastor, who is ready to work interdenominately
+For Taichung we need a Thai pastor
+Pray for the spread of the mission magazine "Kaibigan" in theological seminaries and a willing editor for the new Chinese part.
+The advancement of the preparation for the next course at the seminary from February to May 07
+Next Sunday (Dec. 3) pulpit ministry in the largest hospital in Taiwan (30 000 patients per day)

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