Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A new Vietnamese Church in Taichung

Is there a Vietnamese Church in Taichung? Officially not yet, but there are local churches with a concern for Vietnamese laborers and health care workers, namely the Gethsemane Church in Tantze. The Vietnamese in that area on one site work in a factory nearby for one sometimes two years, the health care workers too. What they miss most is family. In this account the care-taking of SEND missionary Rita Chen has just really helped to meet this need. Taiwanese local Christians in Tantze with a loving heart have opened their house to accomodate for a worship and meeting room for up to 50 Vietnamese.

They regularly meet for Sunday afternoon "Family Time" and read the bible together, share their experiences with Jesus and glorify God in a worship time enriched with Singspiration in Vietnamese.

Cindy (name changed) a few weeks ago heard from Jesus for the first time. Rita Chen told her he can help and is able to even give eternal life. - She did not know what to say until one day the more than 90 year old man she had to take care for in his artifical cleaning bag showed signs of inflowing blood, which quickly became black. As fast as she could she called his son, who decided there was no need for  action. Cindy knew with an open wound like that an elderly person in this age usually does not survive an infection. In her mind "he just was not allow to die," if that should happen she would need to pack her bag and return to Vietnam. on the next day - Then she remembered the name of Jesus. Maybe he could help? - As a result she prayed to him. What she prayed was doubtless less filled with feelings of mercy, but with a lot of selfish elements. " Jesus please stop the blood from flooding", was her prayer and- Jesus listened! - Not only that the blood stopped , the elderly man recovered quickly and left her very surprised. She had just experienced how Jesus can be - In fact she went to Rita and told her the story. A few weeks later she was ready to be baptized. More have followed her example. God calls Vietnamese into his church even in Taiwan, and this is why Rita Chen works among them. Soon she will need to go back to Canada. A pastor is needed. Can you help?
- It should be mentioned, the real missionaries are often the Vietnamese themselves, when they invite their friends and tell them how they experience Gods power then they pray to Jesus. - Would you pray for a Vietnamese speaking pastor to apply for service with SEND at this place?

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