Friday, February 08, 2013

CCRA, CCEA for Underprivileged in Taipei on the Road

CCEA Office, NEW TAIPEI, Taiwan --
The CCRA/ CCEA Team in Ankeng
Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) yesterday thanked more than 200 volunteers who were helping to deliver Chinese New Year meals to senior citizens living by themselves (or belong to the underprivileged families) for the holiday season. According to "China Post" (7.Feb. 2013) Hau said, according to tradition "if one has a pleasant Chinese New Year holiday, it means that the person will have a good year." Twenty-nine organizations in cooperation with Taipei's Department of Social Welfare (DOSW) raised NT$2.15 million for the charity event, paid for 1,000 sets of meals and gifts to be delivered to the homes of the elderly people living by themselves and underprivileged families.
Unable to normally move her hands for 42 yrs, but thankful
Like last year already the Chinese Christian Relief Association, CCRA (中華基督教救助協會) mobilized 240 volunteers and 70 vehicles to facilitate the event. All of the volunteers of the Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association CCEA (中華基督教福音協進會) in Taipei and New Taipei supported CCRA in distributing the meals to 250 solitary elders and 750 underprivileged families for the entire time of Chinese New Year. This included dishes with pork knuckle, fish fillet, meat balls, chicken soup with ginseng, turnip cakes as well as dry meat and cookies. Especially when we shared the red envelopes with 800 NT$, the reactions were very different, some were very surprised and could almost not believe the Taipei city government would think about their needs. In one other case an elderly woman who could barely move her gaz fire destroyed arms and hands shared how faith in Jesus helped her since her accident with 26 years to raise four children by trusting Jesus who had suffered even worse pains than she did. This gave her peace through all those years. Like last year all the meals and the gifts were delivered directly to the homes of the recipients, in our case we did this in Ankeng, New Taipei.
Busy for Ankengs Underprivileged together! 
Some on the road questioned why they were not under those reflected addresses of privileged recipients. We could not really answer this question, but knew everything is intended for underprivileged families, or disadvantaged elderly people living on their own. We work together, when help is needed. In the picture even the chairman of United Mission of Taiwan (UMOT) took out his time to assist in this special caretaking event with CCRA. It is part of our mission to let the world know about Jesus and the love of the Heavenly Father (John 3:16). For Jesus there is no difference we are ALL privileged to receive his love and care. If you are interested HOW this is possible just get in touch with us. By praying and supporting this and other types of our ministry in Taiwan you can be part of our team. (Check on the right site how "For Love Gifts to our Mission Service in Taiwan").

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