Sunday, January 06, 2013

Logos Hope canceled its scheduled book fair at Keelung Port

Actually, the invitations were already sent out churches contacted but then came this news in the China Post Sunday 1/6 editon:

TAIPEI--The Germany-registered passenger ship Logos Hope canceled its scheduled book fair at Keelung Port due to engine problems yesterday.

The book fair was slated to run from Jan. 7 through to Jan. 20, the organizers said earlier. The ship set sail for Taiwan from Hong Kong at around noon on Friday, Jan. 4 but ran into problems with the engine fuel and cooling systems 8 hours later.

The ship's skipper and senior officials of the organizers decided to turn the ship back to Hong Kong for safety reasons after engineers onboard failed to fix the problems, a spokesman of the trip said yesterday.
The ship and the 400 crew members onboard returned safely to Hong Kong yesterday noon. The organizers decided to cancel its Keelung event after repairmen in Hong Kong estimated fixing the boat will take at least 10 days to two weeks.

The organizers apologized to the public for the cancelation, the spokesman said.

Let'shope that they can do it at another time and bless Taiwan!

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