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2. Sept. Miracle Night with Jeremy Lin 林書豪 in New Taipei, by Alain Haudenschild

林書豪Jeremy Lin, NBA player, New Taipei , 2. Sept 2012
Xinchuang, New Taipei. 
According to Good TV Broadcasting Corp., which organized the event, more than 7000 fans listened to visiting NBA star Jeremy Lin. He is  a devout Christian and told his Taiwanese friends in the Xinzhuang Arena in New Taipei City how he had experienced the living God in his short career as a NBA player. 

The 24 years old Lin, who is right on a nine-day visit in Taiwan, gave his testimony at the event titled “Jeremy Lin's miracle night.” More than 700 churches island-wide had committed to support the event with participants. One of his stories was about how God helped him make his incredible rise from the New York Knicks bench to global stardom.

 "In this I experienced God. If one of the 13 steps I had to go through would be missing I could not be who I am today," he said. Looking back, Lin said, his rookie year in the NBA belonged to his hardest times ever in his short life. In his first month he felt  so depressed by his failure that he kept wondering why he was there. It was not until his breakthrough games in February this year, Lin said, that he really understood “why I am here.” - 

Then was another interesting lesson he shared. "Soon I had reached more than I ever dreamed. I had everything I ever wanted, but I realized men always wants more. There was a deep whole inside me, an emptiness." 

Then he decided not to play for his own glory but for God's and not to constantly live up to other peoples expectations, but to shape his life before God. “Every game, I tried to play my hardest for God,” the 24-year-old point guard said.
Lin lives up to his faith and wondered why on the advertisements were such big pictures about him. He believes there is only one that really counts: Jesus and he deserves alone to be worshipped, not men.
According to our numbers (CCEA website).and what the GOOD TV organizers shared, we did sent out 4000 printed tickets to 400 churches, but another 300+ churches registered on Good TV's internet order service. 

Together with the worldwide Chinese church community which had logged in more than 300,000 watchers heard Lin's testimony. Many more will do so through internet, youtube

09.02.2012 Jeremy Lin Miracle Night 林書豪奇蹟之夜 1/4 http://youtu.be/Vp5IXaPSgGc
09.02.2012 Jeremy Lin Miracle Night 林書豪奇蹟之夜 2/4 http://youtu.be/6qtdQ3zrmSg
09.02.2012 Jeremy Lin Miracle Night 林書豪奇蹟之夜 3/4 http://youtu.be/0FKVjWT7Zjg
09.02.2012 Jeremy Lin Miracle Night 林書豪奇蹟之夜 4/4 http://youtu.be/yUekyJvJ0ew
09.02.2012 Jeremy Lin Prayer  林書豪為年輕朋友祝福禱告 http://youtu.be/1BdRHM6otzg

and articles. It was probably the biggest ever event with the highest number of participants worldwide started and organized by Taiwan Christians. Pray for our churches in Taiwan, when we do the follow up for the many who wants to learn about Christ in Alpha - and other seekers courses. - Also this Jeremy's videos are installed as resource on internet for many who were not able to attend or make time to hear him "live". If prayer does not decreases, Roman's 5:3-5, the theological background of his testimony, could even touch many more peoples life and convince them of what is behind "Linsanity", Jesus himself. 

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