Saturday, May 19, 2012

Did Japan stole the Diaoyutai Islands from Taiwan?

Diaoyutai Islands:"An integral part of  R.o.C."(MOFA 27.3.2012)
At the moment some islands have gained international attention again. They are not only important in Scripture, they show something of Gods wisdom. Even the most barren islands in our not very distant neighborhood because of the potentially rich natural resources below them suddenly get big nations attentions.To understand what is in peoples mind we have to know more about the background of this hot discussion. What is really behind that? Here something about the discussion regarding the the Diaoyutai Islands or as the Japanese call it the Senjaku Islands and the history behind.
The Diaoyutai Islands are a territory not of the People Republic of China but how the facts show of the Republic of China. How comes Japan feels it is Japanese territory, apparently backed by the U.S. government? - The author of the article in the link states: in April 1895 Japan and China signed the Treaty of Shimonoseki, which stipulated that China cedes the island of Taiwan to Japan, "together with all the islands appertaining or belonging to the island of Formosa(Taiwan)".  -
In 1970, the U.S. and Japan signed the Okinawa Reversion Treaty, which included the Diaoyutai Islands as part of Okinawa to be returned to Japanese rule. - Of course the R.o.C.disagreed with the treaty's content as far as the Diaoyutai Islands were concerned. MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of R.O.C.) spokesperson Steve Hsia added: "The treaty gives only administrative jurisdiction of the Diaoyutai Islands to Japan and has nothing to do with sovereignty." More

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