Friday, February 10, 2012

Prayer Items February 2012

l          The Taosheng Theological Seminary has started with as number of new students. Several of them will be also our courses’ students in the coming month.
l          Efforts to interest churches abroad resulted in the application of six short term teams coming with SEND to Taiwan this summer. In addition there is also somebody from Europe interested in serving the LORD for longer and stay for one year.
l          The “Vision 119” youtube videos are on online – check it out!

l          The church is looking for one more pastor couple to join the team, as a young pastor who just married decided to first go to England for further studies  before entering fulltime and probably mission service.
l          Pray for lasting response of the recruiting efforts from abroad for “Vision 119” (trailer) missionaries
l          Preparing a short term ministry in a “Vision 119” area in Changhua with the SPFC church in August.
l          For the local applicants for mission service with SEND TSC: Especially for Fam. K. who prepares for service Japan
Churches in Taiwan are preparing their summer short term outreach teams in these weeks already. Please pray for them, also the many training sessions in the next weeks all over the island for kids, pastors, parents, teachers, familiy-concerned friends in the coming days through CCEA and the preparation for our TECC mothersday, where we would like beside Christmas to have another new annual event installed for the Indonesians to have them hear from the gospel and to take friends with them (in May).We will need about 60,000 NT$ for funding! - The translated M.A Diploma thesis about the Hakka in Taiwan in the meantime is completely translated, even the English abstracts, edited and in a few days ready for online publication. Since it contains an English abstract together with the German original it becomes a tri-lingual publication. The "Academy of World Mission" in Germany wants to use it on its website.  

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