Monday, June 01, 2009

Taiwan Fact Sheet

Country: Republic of China, Taiwan
Why does Taiwan need missionaries?
More than 95% of the 23 mio people do not yet know Christ
Only 1% of Taiwan's Holo population is Christian
Only 0,35% or three of a thousand of the more than 4,6 mio Hakka on the island are Christian believers.
The local Christians due to their lifestyle and cultural differences are limited in reaching out to them longterm and with an impact.

Engaging Among:
Youth and Children
400,000 Foreign Workers, mostly from unreached Asian countires
200,000 brides (currently 86,000 Vietnamese, 287,000 inmarried Indonesians, 124,000 health care workers from Indonesia)

We Mobilize God's People by:
Partnering with national church leaders to start churches and develop multiplying mission-focused churches, in six strategic areas of Taiwan by evangelism, outreach and services with English Teaching, computer courses, mission websites, systematic discipleship, leadership training on grassroot and seminary level and starting strong daughter churches.

We Engage the Unreached by:Reaching out under Taiwan's Han-Chinese population , the largest one outside continental China, knowing and mobilizing its churches to together face the locals problems with ancestor worship and superstition, the constant pursuit for more wealth, possessions and education and its distractive impact results in eroding families and people's inability to find God.The addiction to gambling, drugs and the broad sense of insecurity in view of the future, often leads to suicides and other major problems among young people.

Establishing Reproducing Churches:
In the next five years SNED Taiwan wants:
To begin with SIX new churches,two among Hakka, two among Holo, two among Asian Expatriates
To equip 40 churches to enter the harvest in Taiwan through the "FAITH" Gospel Ministry.
Teach mission courses in grassroot mission focused seminaries and like-wise oriented churches with the goal to equip and train 100 able leaders in SEND's target groups.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to roll back the veil of darkness from over Taiwan and for the Church here to be preapred for a great harvest of new believers.

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