Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"These Foreigners Souls Also Have Needs!- Hundreds Wait For The Gospel"

How the voiced concern of a Taiwanese Christians moved the Pastoral Leadership of Taiwan's largest Hospital to adjust heir ministry focus.

The LORD has surprised us again. As a result of last weeks monthly pastors prayer in Taipei/Beitou District where Alain respresented CCEA (Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association) and the TECC (Taiwan Expatriate Caring Committee) Network came an invitation from the representative of the largest hospital in Taiwan to assist them in a regular evangelistic and care-taking ministry among the many Filipinos and hundreds of Vietnamese and Indonesians caretakers in the hospitals 3000 bedrooms. Such an invitation does not come every day and only today one week later TECC with its various pastors already agreed to start a regular visitation and evangelistic care-taking ministry at this secular hospital. Very curious how this sudden invitation came although the inviting pastor knew TECC for at least four years already the answer was that a Taiwanese volunteer of the hospitals pastoral department looking at those Indonesians said „they also have a soul in need for care“ and „there should be done something about it.“
This invitation comes at a good time. Now we have gospel material in their languages to share and also four years ago, there were not so many Indonesians living in Taiwan yet. The Indonesians Gospel of Luke just came out of print last months only. – The Vietnamese pastor is just about able to talk some Mandarin and the Filipino pastor by chance(?)lives not far from the hospital either. – The Vietnamese and one Indonesian pastor committed to come every Friday morning for visitation, one other Indonesian pastor wants to show up for 1,5 hours regular ministry every Thursday morning. – More an bigger events will follow later.- This is an open door, which the LORD has opened just in these days.- Please pray for a sensible and helpful ministry, where we all have open hearts for the special needs of these hard working caretakers and the wisdom to share the healing and clarifying truth from heaven with God given authority and love.– Most of the Indonesians are of Muslim background and most Vietnamese have grown up as Atheists. - Our produced material takes those different backgrounds into account. Many of the Filipino may be Catholics yet still do not know Jesus as their savior! May the LORD grant a revival among all these care-taker and worker groups and meet the one who cares for them!

Also pray that like this unnamed Taiwanese volunteer, who voiced his concern for the souls of those foreigners may have many spiritual followers among Taiwan’s Christian churches and excite them for action.

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