Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Good News for Taiwans Indonesians

Our Prayer News in May:
For many years we could not do much, when people asked us in TECC (Taiwan Expatriate Caring Committee) for Indonesian Gospel Material. Now this is chaning, because in these weeks we are printing the Gospel of Luke in Bahasi Indonesia with a Mandrin text in the back introducing TECC and the telephone numbers of the Indonesian churches in Taiwan.
Considering the fact that over 27,000 of them are married to a Taiwanese and of 123,000 other Indonesian guest workers many are of Muslim background we praise God for this rare opportunity to be of service.
Of the 5000 copies ordered for print already 3000 copies are sure to be taken to Indonesians as soon as they come out of print! - May the LORD use this new tool as his way to bless this diligent people from Indonesia.- Please pray for our church planting and -growth efforts and a revival among some of the very closed Indonesian churches to welcome new people.

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