Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Doulos comes to Keelung again!

The "Doulos", thats the name of the oldest still working passenger ship on the globe, is coming back to Keelung. With its special program offered by missionaries and volunteers of "Operation Mobilization" they share about the ship, their lives and espcially about their experience with Jesus Christ. - The opening ceremony for the days in Keelung is scheduled for May 8th 7 P.M. on the ship. The special guest will be the major of Keelung who was very helpful to welcome the ship. The crew is well known for its international flavour and the ability to satisfy everybodies and every ages' need. Even Taiwanese are spending their times on the ship and thus represent the Chinese OM World On top of everything the ship is a swimming Bible Book Store determined to bring the Word of God to v ery remote corner of the earth by visiting all kinds of harbours and countries around the world. The teams assist local churches willingly in their evangelistic needs and often can help pastors to mobilize his church more for global mission involvement. The Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association (CCEA) again is very supportive of this event with serveral of its coworekrs being involved and helps the OM Teams to preapre well, connect with the local churches and aqdjust to the local cultures needs and customs. May this again become a time where many experience how Jesus is calling them to become his followers.

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