Saturday, November 22, 2008

North Taiwan's International Fellowship of Expatriate Churches

From TECC / North to North Taiwan International Fellowship of Expatriate Churches
- We than the Franklin Graham Team for their coming and their special ministry to us. Franklin Graham, one of Billy Graham's son, did not disappoint us.

- The special prayer request: efficient follow-up. Most of the particpiants of the Taipei Franklin Graham Festival were workers and can only be reached during a few hours off working time on Sundays or on one extended weekends (Saturday to Sunday afternoon) per month. Special "Follow-Up Groups" or "Seeker Groups" must be organized during these times. -

- TECC North Taiwan proposed to continue meeting as church leaders for prayer and exchange of burdens. Hopefully such a regular prayer meeting of expatriate church leaders (representing 5-6 English, 13 Filipino, 2 Vietnamese, 3 Indonesian, 6 Thai-churches ) continues to unite us and become a recognized and representative body of the Expatriate Churches for the local Taiwanese churches in North Taiwan. Taiwan now has 282,000 foreign spouses (yesterdays newspaper) and the churches don't n know how to handle this. TECC represented through such an International Prayer Fellowship of North Taiwan Expatriate Churches could become an important partner and resource pool for them. The local church leaders of the Northern Taiwan expatriate churches need to work on gaining this reputation.

TECC was able, although we were a small group with only a few hundred people altogether, to encourage the local Taiwanese Christians during this big event to learn more about cross-cultural mission in their neighborhood. The local Taiwanese churches did great! - Besides, all printed material (3000 follow up booklets) is being used through expatriate ministries. May this seed grow, bear a lot of fruit for eternity and challenge many churches to pick up the torch of local mission by themselves.

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