Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai version of "My Commitment" Translated

Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai version of "My Commitment" Translated!
The TECC was reviewing the option of translating and printing "Steps to Peace with God" because it is short and quick to understand. However, due to time-shortage it seems better to translate the "Thirty Exercises - a pathway to Christian maturity" for the follow up. In the meantime we carry on with the five week-long Christian Life and Witness Training with altogether more than 160 participants from Filipino, Vietnamese and Thai churches, 110 of them in Alain's classes! - Praise the LORD.
This is a great blessing and until now we came further in preparing them than we thought we could as TECC. Now the next big challenge is to get the translation for the Follow-up book in Thai and Vietnamese translated. This might need some more money than expected to invest. Also to organize the busses and the churches to bring the people to and back from the Festival might take some time. We had to work for months for it, but finally the product was worth the special effort: It is now possible to choose between four different methods to lead 500,000 more Asian foreigners in their mother tongue to the LORD: You may use outlines with bible verses explaining the creators intention, the problem of men, God's remedy and men's answer or use the path of life illustriation, the bridge of life illustration and the quick drawing of it. Six bible verses already may do it for the minimum, but more are mentioned on "My Commitment" which also beside a lot of other helpful material contains the prayer to invite Christ into their lives on page six. - In fact already participants are asking whether they could teach its content to others. Some then they heard of these CLW classes caught fire and now would like to learn the same for their own lives. We need to think about options how to meet this need. Some workers have a very irregular working schedule.

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