Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vietnamese Bibles Distributed

A Coworker recently shared....
Thank you very much for let me get those 20 Vietnamese Bibles. The church I visited is Keelung Qi-Du District Quakers Church, a lady, very dedicated sister commited in expatriates. She is in charge of some classes held in her place for foreign wives. She was very exciting when she met me carrying bibles to support her.

For past 8 months I contacted about 20 Chinese churches and found some foreign maids and wives among them. But they are all Chinese apeaking churches and they mostly join the Chinese traing of Franklin Graham Festival.

I appreciate that you invited me to attend ICC meeting unfortunaytely I will travel to US on the same day 7/28. My wife and I planned this trip for a long time and we will come back in December 1st.

Thank you very much for support us with all resources to reach the expatriates in Taiwan.

God Bless you

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