Sunday, June 10, 2007

The graduation at the Taosheng Theological Seminary was a demon- stration of Gods ways to equip his people for their special ministries in a unique way. This time the graduates were 6 times more than last year. Among them three have gone through either one or both mission courses taught by Alain since 2005. All students of the course about "Cross-Cultural Church-Planting" have passed their test successfully (1 B.A., 6 M.A. and 1 Doctorand). The fact that they had to write for more than three hours to finish it, reminded them how complex the challenge of church-planting is. The only student out of the B.A. program, who came from Tainan (300 km in distance)every week, only did this, because nowhere else on this island he would have found something similar for his degree.

Our Partner Mission helps Taosheng with four missionaries at the moment. For Alain the next mission course will beginn at another seminary in fall (Introduction in Missiology).
The Taosheng Choir surprised some of the guests with its high quality performance in the seminars rather poorly equipped looking rooms. Among them were soli and pieces for choirs. Whoever is interested in a CD of the Taosheng choir from its recent tours, can contact us. Rita will be delighted to send you a CD.
- Although the seminary is small it is also a place where over decades graduates were send out into challenging mission ministries in the Chinese world. One central burden of the Chinese Global Mission Center is to support and to strengthen mission education in the Chinese world.
Friendships which began and grew in Taosheng often turned into important key relationships within ministries at a later point. Also in this regard it seems to be important that Rita still has some more month in full-time study and to enhance her skills for ministries among Chinese/Taiwanese churches. This way she also sees what currently is important on the market of Christian Chinese Musik. As bone-breaking some parts of this ministry seems to have it helps to forward the gospel very well (2. Thess. 3:1). As a result of her current studies already a children choir came into being, although she herself has very little time right now to really develop it. At the moment someone in our home-group does. Others found Christ.

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