Monday, August 03, 2015

Taiwan Prayer Updates for August 2015

1] Pray for the Short Term Teams coming this month to evangelize.

2] Praise God for the good English camp at Ping Lin Elementary School conducted by the team from San Diego.  

3] Pray that God will guide in efforts to follow-up the children who attended. 

4] Pray for the Nan Jing Lu Team to minister at a junior high school this month. 

5] Pray for Gary and Mabel Meade as they endeavor to lead the Gongguan Hakka Team working in the church plant in Gongguan.  This area has close to 36,000 Hakka people. 

6] Praise God that Brenda Chan who loves children and is gifted to work with them has joined the Hakka team full time.  Praise God for the thirty-eight who registered for VBS in July. Pray for a much needed ministry center in Gongguan. Pray that God will blossom this church plant into a full grown church.

7] Pray for grace and wisdom in following up outreaches at Ping Ling Elementary School and San He Elementary School. 

8] Praise God that over twenty students professed faith in Christ at Tian Wei Junior High School. Pray for follow-up.   Pray for Living Water Baptist Church launching a new church plant in Tian Wei.

9] Praise the Lord that the Los Angeles team was able to minister to forty-seven children in Daxi Cuo. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to draw these youngsters to Christ.

10] Pray for the SEND team that as summer concludes they will be renewed physically, emotionally and spiritually after the rigorous efforts of the past few months.

11] Pray for the SEND East Asia Hub development as its people are serving to engage more unreached people groups in the immediate area by sharing the vision, the spiritual need and organize UPG prayer meetings to more mature churches with a willingness to commit for more. 

12] Pray for a smooth development of TAB (Taiwan And Beyond), the renamed outreach network (formerly called TECC= Taiwan Expatriate Caring Committee) among the major migrant groups in Taiwan (Filipinos, Vietnamese, Indonesians and Thai people) and a growing vision for cooperation supported by migrant church' pastors.

13] Pray for the launching of SEND EA's project "Hope for Asia's Unreached People Groups (UPG)" and good partners to establish an UPG outreach-movement among several local East Asian churches. 

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