Monday, July 21, 2014

SUMMER CAMP 2014 JULY 7-11 DAXI CUO VILLAGE, CHIAYI CITY (by SEND Missionary Ron and Shelby Adhikari)

Many of you were praying for this, here is a first report of what the LORD did in Daxi Cuo during this summer Camp time. Enjoy the account written by SEND Missionary Ron and Shelby Adhikari

Theme: Happy Summer Colorful Camp
Team from Bread of Life Church, Torrance, CA, USA (9 Members)
The LA Team visited Dalin on Saturday 12 for the Medical and Dental lectures
Initially we had 61 names with some attending part time. Due to other school and family programs 42 kids showed up the first day. On closing day, we had 35 kids and 14 Parents.

The LA Team's second visit made it much easier to plan accommodations and local transportation and since all of them were of Chinese origins, food and language was not a problem. They had an excellent schedule and they brought all the equipment and materials as well as prizes and candies for distribution. The program included home visits.
The 5 Classes or groups were held at the Community Hall and simultaneously at the Center which had air conditioning.
Bible stories and the gospel were presented every day. Singing gospel choruses and scripture memorization was a daily exercise. Games and crafts were enjoyed by all. Lunch and snacks were provided. Dental check was given to all the kids and they learnt basic hygiene. The bigger kids were given English classes.
The main expenditure for the Camp was borne by the LA Team, which came to NT$15000.
No one became sick because of the heat. But it was an exhausting schedule because of the high temperatures (33-35C). One kid got hurt while riding the bicycle. The Team Leader lost his wallet in the taxi but was found later.
After the hectic camp program, we were able to follow up (10) families by giving food provided by other Churches and Christians.
Praise God for all those who were able to attend. Friends (Pastors) from two local Churches visited during the Camp and prayed for us. We made new friends and renew old members.

Thank you for your partnership and prayers.

Ron and Shelby Adhikari
DXC, Chiayi City

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