Saturday, May 17, 2014

Make Your Choice

Sometimes it is hard to really face the reality. A friend of us is just running an exhibition about "faces". Her eight faces speak a language in itself. Every face is different and has a different "message" 
The same applies when we "face" challenges of a special type: You have to see the facts and their message to you. 
No matter what you think, feel or tell yourself, you always have a choice in life. In the case of a day where you want to crawl back under the doona, you absolutely have a choice to make.
Will you allow external circumstances such as deadlines, a difficult boss a huge workload or a challenging relationship to dictate how you live your life on a daily basis? Or will you stand up, take responsibility for how you feel and do something to change the situation? The people who have most so-called “success” in life (and I say that because success is a very subjective term) are almost 100% likely to fall into the second category.
For a Christian there is another dimension in life which goes far beyond the sole visibility of physical facts: Christians stand before the Almighty with their life they are aware that their "success" lies in Christ and what he did out of love for us. They "face" the fact that there is sin in their lifes and the holy Creator must punish sin. 
Unforgiven sin results in aggression, intolerance and cements the absence of peace. - For followers of Christ know the real "success" if this word could ever be used in that connection is their faith in Christ, which is enough to have God's forgiveness to be applied to their lives too. This often requires an almost heroic decision. Many so called "heroes" never did this decision and therefore lack true heroism. - They were told to show everything they can, but were unwilling to give God, who has given them such strength, the glory for it.
There is a need to taking responsibility for yourself, your actions and therefore your outcomes, but the outcome is not the sole guarantee that you all did it right, there is also much grace from above int that, yet with a thankful heart to the LORD you get  yourself back on track and firing on all cylinders.
Cultivating the feeling of being a victim and blaming everyone and everything else around you for what is going to change something, it is rather the sure way toward disaster as word history shows.  If something isn't working for you, seek help; advice; assurance; whatever you need to assist you in moving the situation forward. Only YOU can take the responsibility to know when a situation needs to change, and go about making those changes. - 
Sometimes life's success can be determined by the answer to the question: to whom give I face? This however lies rooted in a deep decision whether I am willing to accept the call of the Creator to be his special child and to face the reality and the life he has prepared in an unique way for me/for you. 
As we prepare for a time in Europe - the creative Elijah's Hut ministry through which the "Giving Face" Exhibition was made possible in Taipei will have a short break.  Pray that its pictures, when sold, continue to underline this message in the places where they will be put with the question: to whom do I give "face" with my life?

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