Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Prayer Call #37 for the "Vision 119" Area in Taiwan

"The best reason for resisting weariness and giving up is that if the necessary preparation is done, the harvest is certain [Gal. 6:9]."    --John Kohlenberger III
edited by Cary Perdue

     There were several concerted efforts by various churches and teams to penetrate targeted groups in the V119 areas this past summer.  Now that schools have resumed and others are in their normal life's routines, the hard work of follow up must be done. It is therefore imperative that we pray:
         1] That those who made a decision to trust Christ by faith would blossom in their faith by seeking baptism, fellowship in a supportive church, and grow in and show their faith to others.
         2] That those who heard the Word but have not yet responded would be drawn out by the Holy Spirit to come to faith in Christ.
     It is also appropriate to praise and to thank God for local churches, Christian workers, missionaries, and several teams from abroad who all gave of themselves to reach the lost of Taiwan.  As one thinks of the various individuals composing the short term teams, would it be appropriate to ask God to call some of them back to Taiwan for career ministry?  We think so.
     As we think about and pray for Taiwan let us not forget that because of pervasive idolatry much of the country is in the grips of spiritual darkness and oppression.  Even as you read this update a major event is happening in the country.  From September 12-22 the Matsu Temple in Beigang, a city adjacent to the V119 area, is holding eleven days of rites and rituals, sometimes under the guise of cultural expressions, labeling the event as "The World Matsu Meet in Beigang."  By various means idols from all over Taiwan and twenty-nine other countries are being invited to participate in the event [the idols cannot physically come but the spirits behind them can] with the purpose of praying for world peace.  Their goal is for ten thousand idols to participate.  The streets of Beigang will be opened and local participating temples will parade their idols through the city claiming Beigang as their territory. Therefore, let us pray:
  1] That Taiwanese believers living in the shadow of these activities would not be discouraged.
  2] That the power of the Holy Spirit will prevail and many will turn from darkness to light.
     Most of the requests in these updates concern strategic matters and rarely mention personal names with perhaps the exception of individuals who comprise short term teams and those working with them.  Let us mention two couples for whom we can both praise and pray.
     Mark and Ruth, indefatigable laborers in the V119 outreach, will leave Sept. 23 for three months home service.  Pray that they will be renewed and refreshed in body, soul and spirit.
     Will and Suzy, experienced in the culture and language, just returned from home service. Praise God they will be joining the team in Dalin. Ask the Lord to use them greatly.


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