Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Team Timetable for VISION 119 Engagements in Taiwan


"Wonderful things happen to us when we live expectantly, believe confidently, and pray affirmatively."

     God willing more summer teams will participate in SEND ministries than ever before.  Below is a summary schedule of ministry outreach.  There are names of people and places that God knows.  
It may even be difficult for us to verbalize these names before our Lord-but He understands what we are trying to say. 

Jun 29-Jul 12  Trinity Philadelphia (TCCGP), to Dalin and Gong-guan, led by Yi-Nirng  Cheng, 6 members; host:Harbours
Jun 29-Jul 5 Cincinnatti-Livonia Team to Tianwei Junior High School, led by Jianwei; host Family Jon Thar
Jul 2-5  Dalin, San Ho Elementary School, local team 
Jul 6-12  Philippino Sending Council: Grace Christian Church 9 member Team to Tanzi, by Victor Lao;host: Garridos
Jul 8-12  Gong-guan (with Hakka ministry)
Jul 12  Sian-fu Happy Home Concert, Yung-ching/ Sia-thau Kio-tau Elementary School,                  Changhua County; host Harbours and Pastor Chen, Ching Fen
Jul 16-20 Chicago Chinese U-Church Team (CCUC-South) to Tianwei Junior High School, led by  Hayward; host: Family Jon Thar
Jul 20 Sian-fu Happy Home Concert, Tianwei Junior High School, Harbours.
Jul 29-Aug 2 Bread of Life Church Team , Torrance California, to Daxicuo; host: Adhikaris
Jul 22-Aug 3 Korean Team to Shuangfu, Minxiung, Dalin; hosted by Quimbos
Jul 29-Aug 2  Bread of Life Team, Alhambra, Calif., to Daxicuo; host: Brenda Chan
Aug 8 Sian-fu Happy Home Concert, Chingshui Elementary Sch. hosted by Harbours
Aug 9 Sian-fu Happy Home Concert, Beigang; host: Harbours & Village Grassroot Mission's Pastor, Pastor  Chen.
Aug. 16-18  Nan Jing Dong Lu Church (Taipei) to Dalin, San Ho Elementary Sch., led   by Long Hau-yun, 15 members; host: Harbours
Aug. 18  Sian-fu Happy Home Concert, Dalin,  San Ho Elementary School; host: by Harbours and Quimbos with Pastor Casper Liu and Double Blessing Church

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