Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How can Hakka in Taiwan become Christians? -

The Hakka make up close to 20% of Taiwan's population. Because world mission media did little to include them in the list of the really unreached people groups during the past decade, they are still waiting for the "good angels" to come and tell them about the loving God. After the whole Bible is translated into Hakka and available in Taiwan since March 2012 there is one more reason to share the gospel among them. - Unfortunately the number of Hakka pastors and brethren to do this job is extremely limited.  For those who like challenges this is almost pioneer work! However, why not first considering a short term ministry with SEND in Taiwan to find out more about this interesting group? (Chinese). Maybe you check this LINK HAKKA (Englisch) on Youtube? This clip shows you how even culturally gospel resistant Hakka experience a breakthrough, when loving people take care of them with the gospel. If you are more interested in this peoples culture and beside some English also understand German/Chinese when maybe you should check the website of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für evangelikale Missionen (AfeM) for the recently published tri-lingual publication of Alain's M.A, thesis about STEPS TOWARD A BIBLICAL CONTEXTUALIZATION OF THE GOSPEL AMONG THE HAKKA OF TAIWAN, in three parts.  The Chinese part includes the full translation also of the English abstract and summary. Everything is available on internet for download now.

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