Sunday, September 18, 2011

Japan thanks Taiwan for 20 bill yen disaster relief donation with special gesture...

Six Japan swimmers from Yonaguni, a small Island of Okinawa, despite 2 m high waves are swimming to North Eastern Taiwan against the Kuroshio current, one of the strongest in the Pacific ocean, carrying with them letters from their countrymen who want to express their gratitude to Taiwanese for their donations in the wake of the March 11th earth quake tsunami that hit their country. more CCRA's contributions were part of that! -  Yet, this is not only history. Just this week SEND Sending has sent its short term group into the disaster area in an attempt with the local churches and a church association with whom SEND Japan is working to establish a longterm help relief project, connected with the sharing of  Christian Love.  This longterm option however will also require more willing hands coming and joining. MORE Pray that we can find some of them in Taiwan!

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