Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Elijah's Hut - Summer Break-TECC at CCCOWE's Conference (Sept.14-17)

We praise the LORD for opening a new way of helping our local church to expand its ministry among those who have no clue of the Christian church culture, by opening a little house in the nature for a ministry which tries to use local means of communication to testify the risen LORD. SEND TW at its last Council meeting agreed to open a project account to have local funds pouring into this. Already we can see a number of people eager to support pioneering this type of Creative Soul Access Ministryfor woman (check soon for more under ). 
   I praise the LORD for having finished the latest book in time for the printer to be ready for the participants of the CCCOWE international conference in Bali. It is a bilingual book to the topic of Immigration Missiology as applied in Taiwan (103 pages). – To correct and edit this book was a fight with the time, but the LORD gave grace and everything was finished in time. Already the book is on the way to Indonesia and its printing expenses will be paid by an unknown church in Djiarkarta! This week the same book is  prepared for print in Taipei. The goal is to help our Chinese church leader to better understand how to think cross-culturally in their plans and prayers. They tend to read the Great Commission that way that everytime the word nation comes they would automatically enter the word Chinesebefore nation, which makes it hard for them to see the rest of the unreached non Chinese nations and to mobilize their people for them.
   We praise the LORD the 47 new members of the SPFC church last Sunday (10 baptized, 37 baptized at other places entering the church body), one of them lead to the LORD by Alain. We pray for 100 new members because this year we celebrate 100 yrs of history of the R.o.C. (today called Taiwan). We have now about 66 since January and soon reach the 500 member mark (in 2002 we were around 220 in three different worship times). The goal is to have many members in order to send out even more missionaries and run a lot of evangelistic and mission focused ministries. After moving into the new location just one year ago, already space for one worship time becomes insufficient. We are thinking about buying another floor. (1800 m2), but still need to pay off 800,000 US$ for the just bought new floor before we can move ahead.
Please pray for : the new church members, the preparation for the next quarter Sunday school, where I would like to offer something about mission again, for the preparation of our new missionaries and their development to appointees and candidates, for the development of a support network out of the churches with a history with SEND Taiwan and two more applicants for career mission with SEND TSC.

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