Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is sharing the Gospel in Taiwan justified? - The Believe in Ghosts in 2011

After more than 140 years evangelical mission history, but much of this time also under foreign and supressive governments, the question is: what impact did the sharing of the gospel have regarding the old believe that the 8. lunar month in the Chinese calendar is the month of the ghosts and the underworld.   A recent poll showed an astonishing result:
Nearly 87% of office workers believe ghosts, gods real and 48 percent of them have often asked the gods for prophecies about their love life and jobs, according to a recent online survey. [1] However, although people like to pray to gods and “seek advice” by throwing divination blocks at the temples, they tend to follow their heart or consult with friends if the resulting “prophecies” are contrary to their expectations, the poll found. The heat of the summer may contribute its part but the survey, conducted among office workers by 360 Human Resources Consultancy Co. to mark “ghost month” which falls on August this year, also showed that interpersonal relationships in the workplace are a major concern among office workers. How are those problems dealt with?
Interestingly some 52 percent of workers usually wear pinkie rings, beads, talismans, or crosses, or place crystal balls on their desks to keep workplace “villains” at bay, according to the poll.
Chen Ching-ling, marketing manager of the consultancy company, said that although religion could provide spiritual sustenance for people who are facing difficulties in life, it is more important to help oneself by improving one's professional skills, working hard and being humble on the job.
Within such an environment to live another conviction would not be noticed without a hard working performance and a humble attitude.
        Pray that just in these days, where even "Ghost parties" and "Ghost concernts" are offered the Taiwanese Christians would find the right way to respond to such dark believes with love, friendliness and clarfiying words of wisdom (James 3:16-18). These believes are especially strong alongside those two old road No 1 and No 19 which is a place where we pray for local and foreing coworkers top help establishing vital and convincing churches.

[1] The online survey collected 1,481 valid responses among office workers aged 25-45 years, from July 2 to Aug. 7. It had a margin of error of around 3 percentage points. “Nearly 87% of office workers believe ghosts, gods real,” China Post, August 16th 2011.

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