Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 2011 Prayer Request 2011

  • This weeks World Liga Conference in Taipei (at the National Library) with 20 member states attending (more in German...)
  • The 2nd print of the bi-lingual Gospel of Luke (Mandarin-Inonesian) is out of print, for its efficient distribution.
  • For TECC's restructering and a pastoral couple from Thailand to serve in Taichung.  
  • The new course "Christian Mission History," (from Reformation to Today)  at Taosheng Theological Seminary ant the new students. 
  • Pray for 5 applicants to be sent into missions with SEND Taiwan Sending this year!
  • For the refocusing of the Sending mission in Taiwan to new needs. (next meeting in March)
  • New missionaries (check "Vision 119") and after checking the need list on the right, write to !
  • IT Public Relation ministry at CCEA and the reshaping of the old website. (

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