Monday, November 23, 2009

Praying for Taiwan in November 2009

Requests (T=Thanks, I=Intercede)
- (T) The 88 typhoon aid has been successful, and many loving hands have helped those who have lost their houses, their places, sometimes their village' schools and will need a long time to really recover from desaster. The LORD has filled our hands to help as CCEA (Chinese christian Evangelistic Association), mostly with means from the Chinese Christian world but also with some help from SEND International.
- (T) Rita's long awaited recital with which she has finished the last requirement for finishing her BA studies in Chinese Christian Music was the LORD's big success! - Now she takes a breath and can not really believe yet that this time of constant studying is over.
- (T) The LORD has really blessed our TECC Conference in Kaohsiung with a record number of people and representatives of churches and organizations attending. Reports about it also made into the Christian media. Alain could even print 1000 copies of a book he was able to edit before the event with contributions from all TECC members partly even bilingual; only few of them are still left. May this testimony of God's grace encourage many to put their full trust in HIM only! - The number of foreign guest-workers despite the world wide financial crisis is increasing again.

- (I) In Yunlin (Central Taiwan) one of the least reached provinces where SEND is planning to send new missionaries soon a big Buddhist sect plans to build a big center. Pray that this would draw a lot of attention also in the Chinese Christian world so that they would quickly send people to people churches and react spiritually with fervent prayers.
- (I) A nice lady who knows German spent the last three month to translate Alain]s thesis about the Hakka of Taiwan into Mandarin. This thesis in Germany got a promotion price. Pray that this book can soon be given into responsible hands and to the Hakka church leaders / Hakka Theological Seminary for appropriate training of Taiwan's futural Hakka ministry leaders.
- (I) For the next step to establish our Sending ministry from Taiwan. Our Taipei Mission Prayer group is now one year in age and would like to continue developing and reaching those the LORD has prepared to got into cross-cultural mission with SEND TW.

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