Thursday, August 20, 2009

Typhoon Morakot and CCRA (Chinese Christian Evangelistic Assocation)

Dear Friends,
One of the places which was amazingly NOT hit by the disaster is the closed up village on “Mount Zion” above Liaolin. Please read their story. - - God helped in many circumstances beyond comprehension where people met for prayer, especially in the mountains. But there is still really MUCH to do in the plains. -

In terms of disaster relief, please get in touch with us (02 2772 1070). The local situation is worse than initially known. If you apply you come best in groups of at least five people. If you are from an organization outside of Taiwan and would like to donate also check our English Report and more details of CCRAs web:There are two ways how you and your church can help:

1. If you want to send people order application forms, then you can go to the south as registered volunteer. You only need to take a sleeping bag, your personal and your body care matters, some money and yourself with you. Keep in mind, it needs 200 volunteers EVERY DAY. On some days there are not enough. The most needy places are NOT in Taitung. some of the disaster stricken areas can not be accessed yet. But there is a possibility to help if groups commit for at least two to three days. Ask for directions at our office so you can be an efficient helper/volunteer. For work in Linbien CCRA wants to be done by August 28th.

2. If you can not go but would like to really help than your donations through digital transfer are most welcomed. We have an immediate emergency budget of 80 mio NT$.

- 20 mio NT$ (1st phase): emergency food, stoves, emergency aid, disinfection/sterilizer.

- 60 mio NT$ (2nd phase): expenses for rehabilitation of natural hill water supply, for disaster affected families: the after school kids care taking/reading program. Check for further help, ask your Chinese speaking secretary to daily update you with the latest changes and ask her how the money should be transferred the fastest and most convenient way so it can quickly be channeled in practical actions of relief.

For CCRA disaster relief work support just write 「捐款莫拉克風災」/ "Morakot Disaster Relief"

1、Bank Account No:19281908  Beneficiary :「社團法人中華基督教救助協會」

2、Wiring: (捐款5萬以上才告知此電匯方式,小額捐款請盡量以其他方式或 網路銀行ATM)

*電匯後,請務必來電通知本會捐款服務組,並將電匯單據傳真至救 助協會,註明:捐款人姓名、聯絡電話、通訊地址、捐款用途、收據開立方式、收據寄發方式等,以利後續處理。手續費由電匯捐款者自行負擔。

Tel: (02)2776-9995 # 115/Miss Wen Fax:(02)2776-0208

Within the R.o.C.: 國泰世華銀行永春分行 Bank Number (銀行代號): 0130785)

Bank Account No: 078-50-400347-6, Beneficiary : 社團法人中華基督教救助協會

People have no base of life any longer, because in many cases they are unwilling to receive imbursement for their lost ground of their fathers, so they could start somewhere else. It would take at least 10 yrs time to have those damaged (by mudslides), destroyed (by earth-slides) or gone places somehow rebuild or develop, that they could be cultivated again. Still thousands live in schools with no home in sight they could go back to. The government is organizing one 1000 temporary homes of the type we had it in Puli 10 yrs ago, but the real need might be by around 13,000 home who need to be rebuilt or more....

Our coworkers in the south since days have not been able to stop working until very late into the nights. All of them were still at work and taking phone calls late at 12.00 P.M.(!) in all those days.

If you don’t know what project your church could open I suggest to link up with CCRA and later if you have singled out a local village or church with which you would like to establish a partnership (maybe to invite a team to rebuild houses?) you may add this as part of your organizations relief support program.

Don’t forget: Your support can make the difference. Whether people get help from a government, a Buddhist or a Christian organization influences the way they think about God afterward. – Let us help as best as we can so that his testimony is established through expressed Christian love. –

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