Saturday, February 28, 2009

Prayer Requests for March:

Prayer Requests for March:
7. March: Today our church the Shepai Presbyterian Friendship Church (340 members) in a thanksgiving worship celebrates 25 years together with the Taipei -1600 members), Chuwei (110 members) and Neihu Presbyterian Friendship churches (100 members) in Guandu's Christ College.- We are desperatly looking for a new place to build a bigger church, because our big problem is we just can not receive new people anymore with theappartment church we have!
21. March: This is the last day of the misison class Pingcheng, with a closing meal at noon. - In four groups over seven weeks they were working hard to learn about the global mission history, including Taiwan,( from Jesus to the Dutch) and writing mission papers. - May the LORD lead them in their further steps in outreach,, learning and church-growth support among Hakka in Taoyuan county and beyond.
22. March Today a TV channel will be filming the Taosheng big choir performance to be broadcasted. May the LORD use this as his testimony to again lead people to eternal life in Jesus.

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