Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The TECC as an independent network of ministers serving the Asian expatriates in Taiwan for the Vietnamese is planning to reach the following goals during this year:

Overall Structure:  To have a meeting of Vietnamese Ministry Friends arranged in March
 To begin with a cultural center and a lending library for Vietnamese, to better organize Vietnamese literature mission, training and evangelistic events for non-Christian Vietnamese.
 To have a team of Vietnamese missionaries established with an annual retreat and regular mutual prayer support under TECC’s supervision.

Expansion of ongoing Ministries:  To lead 5000 Vietnamese to the LORD
 To expand the biblestudy groups with the help of short termers in the Hsinchu area.
 To have Vietnamese believers baptized and churched in the places keeling, Taipei, Taoyuan, Chungli, Central Taiwan and Kaoshiung.

Short Term Outreaches:
 To visit a fishermens village in Pingtung with a Vietnamese short term team. The village has many Vietnamese woman.
 To explore options for the Chiayi south central Taiwan area with many factories of Vietnamese workers.
 To have a team going to Nantou to visit the inmarried Vietnamese woman.

Increase of Gospel Material
Increase of number of Vietnamese New Testaments
Increase of number of Vietnamese Hymbooks
Increase of training material for believers in Vietnamese
Distribution of 2500 VCD’s among Vietnamese and interested churches (Jesus Film)
Distribtuion of 20000 bilingual gospel of Mark among Vietnamese
Distribution of 50 Vietnamese Bibles to believers
Distribtuion of 13,000 Vietnamese tracts printed by TECC.
Increasse aawareness and quality of Internet resources for the public.
Make gospel material available in the local Vietnamese monthly Newspaper

Long Term Goals:
 To have three self-supported evangelists recruited for Vietnamese ministries in North and Central and South Taiwan, willing to work together through TECC and the still to establish cultural center as well as with the local ministers.
 Vietnamese believers are welcome to strengthen the local Christian churches view for south Asian mission in different denominations. At the same time they are encouraged to see themselves as part of the Vietnamese Christian Network of Taiwan represented through a “Vietnamese Friendship Center” (or Cultural Center)

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